Meet Kenny

Clearing your mind of the relentless “noise” that accumulates in your physical space is a weight that many don’t know they are bearing until they hit their breaking point.


A Life Well Organized is geared towards individuals, families, and small businesses that need help with a project or in making a lifestyle shift. 


Through methods of collaboration, habit evaluation & rule-setting, and strategic project management, Kenny has transformed the physical spaces and work flows for:

  • #1 Broker at large Manhattan Real Estate firm (8-person office)

  • Corporate Office of Celebrity Artist & Filmmaker

  • Celebrity Guitarist (famous 70's Band)

  • Best-Selling Author with Crown Publishers

  • Boutique Architecture Firm (10-person office)

  • Yale Drama Professor

  • Wine Vintner & Distributor

  • Lawyers

  • Psychologists


Let Kenny help you to release that weight and refresh. From your sock drawer to your digital archival system, he provides solutions and sets you on an empowered path forward.